A TABLeTOP RPG Where you possess a demonic bloodline 

Discover your demonic bloodline in a world of vicious arcane power and demonic realms. Unleash the power of your demonic ancestry, battle nefarious creatures and venture to the terrifying demonic realms.

On the outside you still look human but demonic power flows through your veins and the only question is, how will you unleash it?

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The bloodline provides you with demonic abilities connected to your demonic ancestry. Cause fire and destruction with the Infernal bloodline, wield fear, and shadows with the Dreadful bloodline or break your enemies mortality with the Fervour bloodline. All bloodlines can be combined with any class granting a unique twist connected to your demonic ancestry. 

The innate demonic power provides abilities that suit your selected class and playstyle, tailored to fit both weapon wielders and casters alike. Become a ranger of the Spectral bloodline to blur out of sight and have your arrows pierce through multiple targets. Be a reckless berserker of the Magnetic bloodline to force-pull distant enemies into the reach of your axe. Choose the Dreadful bloodline and play as a sorcerer who can cause fear, manipulate darkness and conjure shadows to grapple your opponents.

The humans of the realms dub those bearing the taint of demonic blood as demon born but to the true demons they are half breed. Stay in the mortal world to seek treasure and fame or travel the mysterious demonic realms if you so dare. But tread carefully as monsters hunt the lands in an uncontrolled chaos just waiting for another lost adventurer to feed on.


  • Seven playable demonic bloodlines all with their unique abilities and flavour that suits the playstyle of each class.
  • Nine playable core classes: Berserker, Druid, Guardian, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Warrior.
  • A d20-based, roll over system.
  • Active combat where players make meaningful decisions that drives the battle forward even outside their turn.
  • Weapon focused classes are not spell casters – can only access close combat demonic abilities that suit their playstyle.
  • Clean character stats – their values are directly used on die roll. 
  • Static damage – you already rolled to hit, why gamble on damage as well? In addition, it speeds up combat.
  • The Edge Die – roll an extra upgradable die during tactical advantages (replaces added modifiers such as +1, and Advantage)
  • Guard Manoeuvres – choose how to defend yourself when attacked. 
  • Demonic Mutations – push your limits to succeed at a task at the risk of nefarious mutations.
  • Not a classic fantasy setting – there are no orcs, elves, dwarfs or halflings. Don’t worry, we still have dragons and demons. Lots of Demons!
  • Demonic Realms  – multiple terrifying demonic realms to venture! 


Combat rules, character creation, monster stats and demonic abilities. The core rule book has it all! Everything you need to run an adventure in the world of Demon Ascendants in a single book.  It includes: 300+ pages, All playable demonic bloodlines, rules for gameplay, character creation, combat and GMing, all playable classes, 250+ demonic abilities and features, 70+ physical abilities and attacks, 60+ dangerous monsters, tables for weapons, talents and advanced skills, 100+ upgraded weapons, gear and magic items, amazing illustrations and art.

You can download a FREE Digital Demon Ascendants Preview Guide Here The 38-page preview guide includes the basic rules for attributes, skills, combat and character creation.  Players can select in between four bloodlines, three classes with access to features from level 1 to 3


Do you search for treasure, adventure or power? The demonic realms hold many riches but only those who survive may reap its reward. The veil between realms is thin, providing access from both sides. Demonic magic creeps through its rifts, bathing the mortal lands in a foul, corrupted energy that twists and mutates creatures exposed to its power.

You might embark on a journey as a humble local hero, taking up arms to vanquish Scry imps that menace a vulnerable village, but as you increase in power of your own you’ll soon venture into the demonic realms themselves. Quietly pass through the shades of terror and darkness in the Dreadnath, battle hordes of pyre ogres within the Blazestron or take on one of the demon lords of Fiendgrim.


Your demonic blood may grant you strength and power but comes with its costs. It is vicious, driven by insatiable cravings and an unrelenting hunger, all the while putting your patience to the ultimate test. In dire circumstances where your physical abilities fall short, you have the option to tap into its power, compelling triumph even when your own strength is not enough. With some luck you remain unaffected, or your body adapts through demonic mutations that awaken your inner demonic ancestry. This could improve your demonic status and influence among demons but in exchange hurt your reputation within the mortal world and your own kind. This is represented by your Demonic Influence stat.


You play as a demon born, a human with a demonic lineage that grants you power connected to your ancestry and an increased lifespan. The civilised world consists of both regular humans and demon born living together. Demon born are uncommon but not unique, representing around 5% of the human population. Through their advantage in strength and extended lifespans they have frequently assumed positions of significance and authority within the societal framework. Some belong to ancient clans who have ruled for centuries while others have used pure force to take what they desire. 

The mortal realm homes a vast amount of fierce beasts such as dire wolves, giant spiders and dragons. Some developed naturally while others mutated through corruption of the demonic power. The mortal realm also hosts less civilised humanoid creatures like the Norak brutes, the devious Crydans and the treacherous Goblins. They are ruthless and often aggressive by nature. Their lack of intelligence and discipline makes them an easy target for demonic manipulation and influence. As a result they are often used as pawns in exchange for false promises of power and glory.