Demon Born Races

As a demon born the player combines the magic source and element of their demonic bloodline with a class. Any races can be played with any character class. The magic of an element merged with features of a class’s playstyle gives the player unique abilities to work with and combining the class abilities with the character’s race heritage.


the Firebreathers

Drajins are demons borns who evolved close to the heat of raging volcanoes and in the presence of dragons forcing them to quickly adapt to the hot environment. As they learned to use this power of their own it allowed them to generate heat and conjure flames from the palm of their hands. After generations of creating raging flames the fire has left its mark on the drajins appearance. Everytime they conjure fire magic their skin erupts in fiery burning cracks making them unable to hide their true nature. Fire magic requires an enormous amount of focus and places a huge physical stress on the body when used and the drajins have become known for their high temper due to the ferocity of the flames within them. 

In combat the drajin uses the volatile flames to rain chaos and destruction on its enemies. A Drajin Berserker could infuse his axe with flames dealing fire damage and burning his victims upon impact. A Monk can ignite the air caused by the speed of his fists, creating a wave of flames to strike a distant creature. A Wizard could create an armor of molten lava around a creature dealing fire damage to anyone who strikes it, set a creature ablaze to burn away any active magical effect, or generate infernal heatseekers that targets the nearest sources of heat.

Even though Drajins are said to be wild at heart their traditions are strict as they value discipline and honor above all else. A Drajin who cannot control their flame is not something taken lightly within the drajin society. While training they follow strict patterns, motions and gestures to learn manipulating the flames. Only a few Drajins have their own way of using fire magic due to its destructive nature where the slightest mistake could cause disaster. As of traditional clothing the drajin often wear red or brown colored fabrics decorated with sharp edges representing dragon scales. Dragons are deemed sacred to the drajin people. They are worshiped through carrying dragon symbols and tokens but also through fire rituals. The rituals are held in the name of the sacred flame and involve sacrificing willing humans to the burning flames. 

With fire as their source of power the Drajin are generally fast for a demon born giving them a small advantage in speed and evasion. The fire within them gives them a higher protection from fire and burn effects.

Fire Resistance
Burn Immunity
High Agility


the Spiritcallers

The Naru race have learned to draw power from the spiritual realm they refer to as The Glade. Spirit magic is very different from other power sources as it’s more focused on bending and twisting minds and causing rifts between realities. Through The Glade the Naru can communicate with the spirits that live there and if the spirit is willing the Naru may allow it to enter our world and leave the Glade behind. This is called making an Aeon bond where the spirit attaches itself to the Narus soul allowing it to leave the Glade. The Naru and spirit are now one as they share soul with one another and together they make a fierce opponent. A bonded spirit is called Aeon and often comes in the shape that represents the Narus inner personality. 

In combat their spiritual abilities come well in handy no matter their playstyle. A Naru Ranger can manipulate their arrows to magically pierce through and also strike anyone behind their target. A Monk gains the ability to turn into a phantom transparent form allowing them to run through other creatures. A Guardian can cause their eyes to give out a gaze tempering and provoking a creature’s mind into attacking it. A Sorcerer could read a creature’s mind, confuse them into attacking their ally or trap them in a rift in between realities.

The old Naru clans live deep in the great old woods by the aloran trees they hold sacred. They are massive trees with blue leafs and thick roots that surges with magical energy. The veil to the The Glade is as thinnest near the aloran trees making them a great place to enter and practise switching between the realms. As Narus use their power, parts of their skin start glowing and may even turn transparent at times. They are in general a calm people who live in harmony and peace with nature. Their cities are often built surrounded by nature where animals roam free on the streets.

Spirit Resistance
Have a Spirit companion
High Charisma and Willpower


The Gravity benders

Mogrin’s have learned to manipulate magnetic fields and gravity. This has given them the ability to switch their own gravitational pull to large objects allowing them to walk vertically on walls or upside down in ceilings. In combat they use their power of gravity to push, pull and shake their opponents out of position to get the upper hand.

The Mogrin is more uncommon than most Demon Born races. No one knows exactly how they figured out their power but it’s believed they went deep underground closer to the earth’s core where they evolved these abilities. Their older cities are often built in the most hard to get places and with the use of titan plates infused with gravity power they built whole cities vertically or upside down in huge caves or beneath floating islands. Mogrin’s are stubborn people and often a bit rougher than others. Their skin is thicker, palms tougher are in general born big boned and slightly taller than other races.

As Mogrin’s have been switching gravity through generations their bodies have strengthened to handle the drastic change resulting in sudden falls reducing fall damage taken.

Gravity Resistance
50% Reduced fall damage
High Strength


the Wind Whisperers

A’erawins have mastered the power of winds and air giving them the ability to hover and in rare occasions even fly. Through heritage their bodies are often quick, acrobatic and nimble prioritizing speed before strength. In their societies everyone is treated as an equal as they traditionally have no chiefs, kings or queens. Instead they value the individual as they prioritize their own freedom and pride. They are proud of their accomplishments, of their family, of what they are and their people. Disrespecting or hurting an A’erawins pride could have dire consequences under the wrong circumstances.

Soaring among the many feathered creatures in the sky across the high mountain tops of their home, the A’erawin naturally pay much respect to everything that flies. This is represented in their clothing that often includes feathers, horns, claws and other attributes you can find in these creatures. Their clothing tends to be light in weight as to not add too much heavy mass which would impact their more acrobatic movements and usage of magic. A’erawins are commonly dressed in gloves with claw-like appearances, resembling the predators of the skies, especially at festivities and religious gatherings.

Aerial Resistance
Have the ability to hover
Increased Agility and Wisdom


the Life Preservers

Arkan’s are the most common Demon Born race. They take comfort in living beings and have always through generations lived with humans as they bring life and joy to their surroundings. Their source of power does not just come from living things but also from courage, the will to live and energy gained from adrenaline. They are energy junkies that thrive from having other creatures around them. When they are filled with power it visually flows through their veins in various colors but when drained of power they look hollow and empty inside. This can also be seen when they are lonely or sad. Arkan’s without other sources of life around quickly weakens and could even cause death in some extreme cases.

It’s said that Arkan’s power is the purest of all the races. This is because the Arkan’s higher understanding of how power can be used and are able to manipulate it more efficiently than other races. They can use it to restore health, recharge their own power or drain it from their enemies. Arkan’s exist almost all over the world often with majority in numbers compared to other demonborn races in many areas and regions. And as they commonly built their life around humans they have great relations, trust and often economical advantages through trading and manpower. Though Arkan’s usually don’t view humans as equal to them even though they live in symbiote with one another.

As Arkan’s have the power of life they can sense other sources around them and read their feelings by touch. 

Life force Resistance
Can sense feelings
High Courage


the shadow crawlers

Queldars found comfort in shadows and darkness and have adapted their bodies to embrace this power. They are generally loners and travelers with the black night sky as their sole ally. Queldars don’t usually have any bigger societies or cities of their own, instead they often enjoy the nightlife of a tavern inn while commonly sleeping during the day. Their love for the night has given them great night vision and reduced their requirement of sleep compared to others.  

But shadows and darkness are dangerous friends as more powerful abilities draw energy from the Dreadnath realm, the realm of shadows and terror. From there they can summon shadow tentacles to trap their enemies, blacken their skin and clothes to hide in shadows, or cause fear to creatures around them. But the shadows of Dreadnath have a life of its own and when not satisfied they can instead latch out towards its master.

The Queldar is strongest during the night or within dark areas. With their ability to see and turn to shadows themselves makes them a powerful enemy within the dark.

Shadow Resistance
Increased Night Vision
Reduced sleeping requirements
High Wisdom and Stealth


the Sunbringers

The most uncommon of the Demon Born races is the Sylvadar. They draw their power from the sun allowing them to generate massive amounts of energy at some instances. They are often seen as highly intelligent people enforcing justice and order wherever they are. Sylvadars believe in divinity and often view themselves as above all other races, royal and even godly at times. In reality they are no more powerful than the other races but their appearance and uniqueness often deceives an untrained eye where they instead are portrayed as children of the light, sun warriors and deities. 

The Sylvadar usually dress in a very regal and formal clothing that’s beautifully crafted with impeccable care and attention to detail. Sylvadars tend to put a lot of thought into how they are both perceived by others and what image they portray, and reflect that in how they dress. This leads to them often dressing very formally and properly, often in light and bright tones to reflect their attunement to light even more. No matter if they wear predominantly cloth, leather or armor, it’s usually crafted in an ornamental and intricate way.                  

Solar Resistance
Blind Immunity
High Intelligence


the Frost Runners

The Raigen is said to originate from the north where the environment is harsh, filled with snow and ice. Up there, those who wanted to survive had to adapt by embracing it or die from the freezing cold. Raigen have then later spread across the lands and can be found in all regions. Compared to others their body temperature is heavily reduced giving them skin cold to the touch which turns blue like crystals when they use their power. Their cold bodies have also made them immune to sickness, diseases, frostbite and allows them to withstand frigid cold weather and environments.

In Raigen traditions their clan and family comes above all. They respect their elders and listen to the wisdom they share. They provide and help each other and view  accomplishments more important than riches and wealth. A great warrior is more respected than the one with a heavy coin purse as from traditions, gold had no value in the north. 

The power to manipulate cold and ice have made Raigen’s tougher than most giving them some additional health and fortitude compared to others. Their cold bodies give them a high protection from frost and cold environments.

Frost Resistance
Immune towards sickness, diseases and frostbite
Increased Endurance